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Look, I haven't always been a sexual person.

I haven't always loved getting fucked until I can't feel my legs anymore...
Or getting white, hot cum sprayed all over my face...
Or staring down the lens of a camera, knowing you're watching me...

I don't even remember when they started growing. I know the boys used to stare, and act all dorky and nervous around them. One day, I realized that these things are huge, epic, crazy awesome dick magnets! I was so shy and nerdy, though, I never got hit on or asked out on a date.

Eventually I met Luca, who told me about his 8-inch cock on one of our very first dates, and I was insatiable. He has always loved my supple, soft boobs and he had the bright idea (seriously guys, he's a fucking genius!) to take a few pictures of me.

Before I continue, are you guys liking these photos of me when I was only 18 years old?! Let me say that again for the people in the back -- 18-fucking-years-old!

I thought you would. (Join my club and get the full set HERE!)

Where was I? Oh yes, my tits. My wonderful, amazing tits. I loved how hard they made Luca. I loved how hard they made other guys. Hell, even girls noticed them! But I was still so bashful.

I also started gaining weight, which directly affected how I felt about my body. I didn't like how it looked. I thought I was too fat. I thought I wasn't attractive.

I thought there's no way anyone would ever find me sexy.

My old clothes didn't fit anymore. My lingerie didn't fit anymore. I became so ashamed and frustrated with my body that Luca and I stopped taking sexy pictures. I would hide from the camera if he pulled it out.

A few years later I started exercising and started to feel better about myself. I was interested in getting into the porn industry as a production assistant (I thought who wants to see a fat girl in front of the camera?) so I put up an ad on a job search website. I received a message from SCORE within days.

I checked out their website because, honestly, they were making me an offer I could not refuse. All expenses paid, hairstyling, makeup, and mega dicks to fuck me stupid?! HELL YES! I wanted to be a SCORE model! Long story short, my alter ego Dulcinea made her debut in fall 2014.

UPDATE: I debuted at Scoreland.com as Dulcinea again in December 2016. Check out this post to find out all the details about this exciting transition and check out my new model profile here.

I also started webcamming at myfreecams.com to earn a little extra cash and explore my newfound fetish of exhibitionism. My experience at SCORE taught me that being bigger is sexy, and there's a place for women like me in the industry -- as a BBW, or Big Beautiful Woman.

When the reviews and ratings starting pouring in at XLGirls.com, I knew I had found my calling in life. I absolutely loved knowing that people were watching me! It's the biggest turn-on and I get super soaking wet just thinking about it. Luca was excited about it, too. I mean, who doesn't want to be fucking a pornstar on the regular? (Seriously, I'm so legit I'm on Boobpedia.)

We went to sex clubs and fucked in front of other people.

We did webcam shows together that raked in the cash and followers.

We told all of our swinger friends about my work, and I have so many juicy stories to tell you guys about it.

But, as things go, life happened and I had to take a break. Originally it was going to be short, and then it was longer, and longer... time just slipped away! On the plus side, you may have gotten a latte steamed by yours truly at some point during 2015.

I also lost weight and gained so much confidence. I'm a healthier, happier, and HORNIER version of my former self. I wanted to represent such a huge life change by using a new name for my amateur work -- Aeryn Elise. It's more authentic to who I am. Annnddd...you guys can still see Dulcinea right here.

I'm here to make your ultimate fantasies cum true. I'm here to fuck myself, and be fucked, in front of a camera just for you.

My epic, HH boobs are back. My tight, wet, creamy pussy is back. My super long and loud orgasms -- which I have aptly named "Aeryngasms" -- are back.

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