Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Day My Life Changed

World, on Sunday, December 18, my entire life changed.

I know that's probably a tad melodramatic, but I achieved one of my biggest goals ever. I'm talking spanning years biggest goals ever.

You see, on Sunday, I found out that I am going to be debuting at today, December 22.

Well, my super busty vixen alter ego Dulcinea will be.

You see that watermark? Do you see that fucking watermark??!! It's ooooohhhh-so-ficial y'all.

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Honestly, I didn't have the guts to ask if I was going to be at again or if I could possibly maybe perhaps ever kinda sorta crossover?

Since losing over 50 pounds my body has changed a lot. I can wear smaller clothes, I get hit on's good, ya know? So, as soon as I was able, I gave The Score Group a call to give shooting porn another go.

Don't get me wrong, I loved when I was in XLGirls. Hell, I was on the fucking homepage for almost 6 months! I had great ratings, my scenes have been viewed thousands of times, I've been in 4 DVDs and 3 magazines...I was one hell of a successful BBW.

But I wasn't happy.

See, one time while hanging out in the studio getting ready to shoot a scene I met Mia Khalifa.

Yep, that Mia Khalifa.

She was drop dead fucking gorgeous and everyone was going crazy over her. I was totally obsessed. How could you not be, right? Then I heard these words -- "Oh, yeah she's a SCORE girl."

Something inside of me clicked. I knew that I had to be that. You see, to me, being a SCORE girl is like the PhD of porn. I see it as a title reserved for a special kind of girl, with a special kind of body and certain caliber of performance. Some girls walk right in off the street and they're so amazingly perfect they become SCORE girls right away. Genetics? Plastics? Luck?

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So, I (read: busty pornstar Dulcinea) busted my ass. I cut calories, I went to the gym...I even ordered a Jillian Michaels workout program. I was that serious. Several months later, I was rocking an 8 inch smaller waistline, toned legs, and the same trusty set of HH tits. It was time to give The Score Group a call.

I (and Dulcinea, my alter ego who Don Quixote is wildly obsessed with) went to Miami and fucked in front of a camera again...this time a lot more confident, excited, and definitely more horny. I couldn't wait to see my new scenes and when I got the first few promo photos I did a 10-minute long happy dance around my entire apartment because I noticed the SCORELAND logo in the top left corner.

All I could manage to squeak out to Luca was, "I'm a SCORE girl! I'm a SCORE girl! I'm a MUTHAFUCKIN SCORE GIRLLLL!!!" and then we both danced.

I'm not trying to say that I wasn't sexy as an XLGirl. I think all women are gorgeous, regardless of size. I still fuck the same, and I still have the same incredible pussy, but I feel so much better. And being a SCORE girl, to me, was the culmination of all of my effort to be healthier and sexier.

I hope you guys enjoy my first scene debut at tomorrow as Dulcinea. There is so much more to, come...

No, cum. You'll definitely be cumming.

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