Saturday, September 10, 2016

Good News, Everyone

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I watch Futurama! That's hot, right?

I also listen to Depeche Mode and guzzle vanilla lattes like cum. Or is it guzzle cum like vanilla lattes? Hmmm...

Okay, okay. I digress.

So, guess what?! I was featured on in an exclusive interview! You definitely want to check this out because
          a) you get to know a lot more about me and 
          b) there may, or may not, be a discount code for ManyVids

I also entered in the #Pornstar16 contest on Pornhub! Full disclosure -- I seriously want to win because I've never won anything and the winner gets tickets to the AVN Expo. How un-fucking-believable is that?! My "POV Spy Roleplay Fuck with Facial" free preview is currently in the contest, but I'm going to be submitting my most epic video ever (watch it HERE) this coming week.

Annddd...@PornhubAmateurs tweeted a bit of promo from their account, which I naturally squealed and fangirled over for hours!

Cam shows are in the works (I promise!) along with setting up Skype for private sessions and Kik if texting is more your thing. My membership website is coming along, too, so if you want DISCOUNTS on custom requests and get the chance to see FREE weekly live shows, definitely get on my list to be notified when it launches!

Also, for the month of September, I'm doing a mega awesome deal you know you know you can't refuse -- get a discounted custom video in exchange for a gift card to my favorite lingerie shop!

I'm getting a ton of stuff prepped and ready for shooting studio porn again this fall, so your contribution might just show up in a professional published DVD or magazine!

To top it off, you'll get a FREE thank you video and custom photo set featuring the item(s) that I buy with your gift card! Want them back after I use them? No problem! I'll send them your way, used or clean. Pretty sweet, right? Email me at to get started on your custom creation right now!

You can also DM me through Twitter to get this deal, too!

** gift cards are accepted, as well; further discounts are available for cash escrow through Paxum.**