Thursday, December 29, 2016

What's In Store For 2017

You guys, I can hardly believe there are only 2 days left in 2016.

Everyone from my Twitter followers to Facebook friends to hobby blogs down the Pinterest rabbit hole all agree -- this year was, as we say in the south, a doozy.

But, for me, it has been an ultra-defining year.

I mean, I finally reached my goal of being a SCORE girl! And it was only after the first few times I've ever modeled professionally. Not gonna lie, I'm still in total shock.

Check out my return feature post on Scoreland's blog here.

I also lost over 50 pounds, moved twice, had a few crazy swinger adventures with Luca, started filming amateur content, and overcame anxiety disorder.

Because each year...each what you make of it. I spent so long hating my body (and myself), that I was determined to make huge changes this past year.

So I did! And, you guys, I have a lot more in store for you in 2017.

First, I am so humbled by the response to my first scene debuting at this month. Seriously, I don't even know what to do with all the positive comments and feedback! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your support.

What you may not know is that I've only ever modeled for The Score Group. So, as this year is winding down and I've been thinking about the future of my professional modeling career as Dulcinea, I've decided to work with The Score Group exclusively.

This may surprise you, but I'm not really interested in being famous. I don't necessarily intend to make millions by modeling, as it's really something I do just for me (and my devoted fans!), so sticking with one company just makes sense for me.

My membership website is officially (read: actually) launching in January. Luca and I are still working out all the details for a launch party, so I'll post the dates on my Twitter account, so be sure to follow me so you don't miss it!

To make a long story short, we were working with one company for the site and decided to switch to another. But, no worries! We got you covered with all of our video clips (plus a few exclusive ones!) updated weekly, huge photosets you can't buy anywhere else, discounted customs and store items, and so much more for only $12.95 per month!

New vid clips are coming very soon to my ManyVids profile! Luca and I have been filming with our new 1080p HD camera and I even invested in Adobe to make the best possible viewing experience for you guys. To kick off the new year, watch out for our latest vid which will be sold at a huuuuge discount!

Enjoy my massive HH tits in an all new homewrecker fantasy POV titfuck vid!

I won't overload you with too much info just yet, but I hope your hard cocks (and wet pussies!) are ready for what we have in store for you.

Until then, make sure to check out my debut scene at (and hold on tight, my first debut hardcore scene drops next week!) and follow me on Twitter to find out the second my new vids are available and when my member site launches.

Thank you, again, for everything you've given me in 2016. Let's make 2017 the best yet!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Day My Life Changed

World, on Sunday, December 18, my entire life changed.

I know that's probably a tad melodramatic, but I achieved one of my biggest goals ever. I'm talking spanning years biggest goals ever.

You see, on Sunday, I found out that I am going to be debuting at today, December 22.

Well, my super busty vixen alter ego Dulcinea will be.

You see that watermark? Do you see that fucking watermark??!! It's ooooohhhh-so-ficial y'all.

Sign up with my affiliate link to see my first solo scene!

Honestly, I didn't have the guts to ask if I was going to be at again or if I could possibly maybe perhaps ever kinda sorta crossover?

Since losing over 50 pounds my body has changed a lot. I can wear smaller clothes, I get hit on's good, ya know? So, as soon as I was able, I gave The Score Group a call to give shooting porn another go.

Don't get me wrong, I loved when I was in XLGirls. Hell, I was on the fucking homepage for almost 6 months! I had great ratings, my scenes have been viewed thousands of times, I've been in 4 DVDs and 3 magazines...I was one hell of a successful BBW.

But I wasn't happy.

See, one time while hanging out in the studio getting ready to shoot a scene I met Mia Khalifa.

Yep, that Mia Khalifa.

She was drop dead fucking gorgeous and everyone was going crazy over her. I was totally obsessed. How could you not be, right? Then I heard these words -- "Oh, yeah she's a SCORE girl."

Something inside of me clicked. I knew that I had to be that. You see, to me, being a SCORE girl is like the PhD of porn. I see it as a title reserved for a special kind of girl, with a special kind of body and certain caliber of performance. Some girls walk right in off the street and they're so amazingly perfect they become SCORE girls right away. Genetics? Plastics? Luck?

See those tits?! Those are SCORE tits now! Sign up to see my scene on Dec. 22.

So, I (read: busty pornstar Dulcinea) busted my ass. I cut calories, I went to the gym...I even ordered a Jillian Michaels workout program. I was that serious. Several months later, I was rocking an 8 inch smaller waistline, toned legs, and the same trusty set of HH tits. It was time to give The Score Group a call.

I (and Dulcinea, my alter ego who Don Quixote is wildly obsessed with) went to Miami and fucked in front of a camera again...this time a lot more confident, excited, and definitely more horny. I couldn't wait to see my new scenes and when I got the first few promo photos I did a 10-minute long happy dance around my entire apartment because I noticed the SCORELAND logo in the top left corner.

All I could manage to squeak out to Luca was, "I'm a SCORE girl! I'm a SCORE girl! I'm a MUTHAFUCKIN SCORE GIRLLLL!!!" and then we both danced.

I'm not trying to say that I wasn't sexy as an XLGirl. I think all women are gorgeous, regardless of size. I still fuck the same, and I still have the same incredible pussy, but I feel so much better. And being a SCORE girl, to me, was the culmination of all of my effort to be healthier and sexier.

I hope you guys enjoy my first scene debut at tomorrow as Dulcinea. There is so much more to, come...

No, cum. You'll definitely be cumming.

Also, it would be *awesome* if you use my affiliate link to join. You'll get access to my scene and photoset, plus a ton of other super insanely gorgeous big-titted women (and I get a bit o'commission at no extra cost to you!). What are you waiting for?! Go join >>

Sunday, November 20, 2016

So Many Updates

So much has happened since I started working on amateur clips earlier this year...

Perhaps the biggest thing, though, is that I was in Miami for a few days in October shooting for Scoreland again! It had been two years since I had been in front of a professional camera and wow, was it fucking incredible! I had many firsts, including a BDSM/rough scene with one of my favorite stunt cocks in the biz and my first threesome ever. Yep, you read that right...EVER.


I also moved and have been doing waaaayyyy more custom clips.

Seriously, you need one. Like, right now. Check out what Mike had to say about my work:

(Screenshot from my business email.)
And Al messaged me because he had a homewrecker fantasy and loved how I do JOI, so I did a completely customized clip based entirely on a script he gave me:

(Screenshot from ManyVids messaging.)
So what are you waiting for?! Order your very own exclusive 1080p HD, professionally edited custom video from me right now! Go to or send me an email at

I'm also launching my membership website in January. It's been on my to-do list for several months now, and we finally settled on a platform and are working to get all of the content uploaded for the launch party!

For reals, are you ready?! All the action is happening at in January! Bookmark our site, follow me on Twitter to get all the details, and check out my Pornhub channel to get your fap on in the meantime.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Good News, Everyone

Image Source
I watch Futurama! That's hot, right?

I also listen to Depeche Mode and guzzle vanilla lattes like cum. Or is it guzzle cum like vanilla lattes? Hmmm...

Okay, okay. I digress.

So, guess what?! I was featured on in an exclusive interview! You definitely want to check this out because
          a) you get to know a lot more about me and 
          b) there may, or may not, be a discount code for ManyVids

I also entered in the #Pornstar16 contest on Pornhub! Full disclosure -- I seriously want to win because I've never won anything and the winner gets tickets to the AVN Expo. How un-fucking-believable is that?! My "POV Spy Roleplay Fuck with Facial" free preview is currently in the contest, but I'm going to be submitting my most epic video ever (watch it HERE) this coming week.

Annddd...@PornhubAmateurs tweeted a bit of promo from their account, which I naturally squealed and fangirled over for hours!

Cam shows are in the works (I promise!) along with setting up Skype for private sessions and Kik if texting is more your thing. My membership website is coming along, too, so if you want DISCOUNTS on custom requests and get the chance to see FREE weekly live shows, definitely get on my list to be notified when it launches!

Also, for the month of September, I'm doing a mega awesome deal you know you know you can't refuse -- get a discounted custom video in exchange for a gift card to my favorite lingerie shop!

I'm getting a ton of stuff prepped and ready for shooting studio porn again this fall, so your contribution might just show up in a professional published DVD or magazine!

To top it off, you'll get a FREE thank you video and custom photo set featuring the item(s) that I buy with your gift card! Want them back after I use them? No problem! I'll send them your way, used or clean. Pretty sweet, right? Email me at to get started on your custom creation right now!

You can also DM me through Twitter to get this deal, too!

** gift cards are accepted, as well; further discounts are available for cash escrow through Paxum.**